Therapeutic Health Services
Vision 2001: Executive Director


will have established:

  • Comprehensive, high quality health services consisting of prevention and treatment of substance abuse/dependence, emotional distress, and primary medical care.

  • Innovative services with emphasis on the adult members of "the" family while supporting, and when appropriate, providing services to their children.

  • A system through Research, Development and Evaluation to constantly look for improved and alternative approaches (locally and nationally) to improve the outcomes we seek in our mission.

  • An opiate treatment model of services north of King County and east of Lake Washington, utilizing counseling services of existing substance treatment agencies in those communities.

  • A fully technically supported electronic communication system throughout its facilities and service locations so that all skills and resources are available at all sites.

  • A fully diversified staff to address the multiple population reflected in each branch.

  • The highest professional standards in its staff and working environment equal to the quality requirements of nationally accredited organizations.

  • An organizational structure to efficiently and effectually manage and provide its services.

  • A solid operating revenue reserve, while each site will generate revenue to support its service and treatment staff.

  • A flexible revenue model such that the loss or significant change of any single source will not jeopardize the corporate services operation.

  • Nationally respected environment and service reputation that will draw professional staff from across the nation.

  • A culture and system that encourages taking advantage of a rapid, changing political, social service marketplace.

  • A perspective that supports, encourages and demonstrates collaboration in all aspects of services in the community.

Norman O. Johnson

January 17, 1996

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