Therapeutic Health Services
Message from the President

Richard Miller March 1999

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the board of directors, the staff, and especially the clients of Therapeutic Health Services, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for your support in 1998.

In my two years as board president I have had the rare opportunity to see how once battered lives and broken families that resulted from chemical dependency and mental illness can change with comprehensive, caring, professional support. The innovation and dedication of the staff at T/H/S have given hope and stability to thousands of lives. Each person and each family that begins the road to recovery adds value to our community.

I am happy to report that T/H/S is poised to enter the next millenium with strength, vigor, and confidence. All staff is linked by computer with increased speed and accuracy of information sharing. Data is transferred to funding sources over high-speed modems improving accuracy and timeliness of agency revenues for services. T/H/S has been responsive to community needs by forming partnerships with other agencies to create a one-stop comprehensive source for serving individuals and families with multiple needs.

The work that T/H/S does cannot be done alone. As a taxpayer I know that there is a terrible cost paid by each of us for chemical dependency and unmanaged mental health issues. There is a cost we ALL pay every day in our health and auto insurance and in our taxes for diseases that can be treated and managed. There is a cost we ALL pay at the checkout to cover the costs of thefts, workplace accidents and absenteeism caused by chemical dependency and mental illness. I ask for your continuing support to stem the tide of chemical dependency in this and future generations. I ask for your continuing support to help individuals manage their mental illness and make positive contributions to our community. Your contributions will help insure that T/H/S can continue well into the future doing what it has successfully done for over a quarter century.

Thank you for your support!


Richard Miller

Richard Miller
President of the Board of Directors

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