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Executive Summary

Norman Johson March 1999

Dear Friends,

1998 was one of the most exciting years for challenges, changes and growth for Therapeutic Health Services.

In the past year all three T/H/S branches were licensed by the state to provide both chemical dependency and mental health services (formerly the Rainier Branch had only the mental health license, and the Summit and Midvale Branches had only the chemical dependency license). We began to provide services for individuals who have the dual diagnosis of a mental illness and chemical addiction (MICA.) T/H/S renewed its agreement with the U.S. Probation Office to provide transitional services for former prisoners making the adjustment back to society, and who are in need of chemical dependency services. All staff completed computer training as the second step in implementing the T/H/S computerization project.

I am pleased to report to you that our United Way outcome-based proposal was funded for this upcoming year. We are also working on the details of joining Eastside Recovery Center and Therapeutic Health Services to complete the conditions of our letter of intent.

Despite the many changes occurring around them, the staff at T/H/S has been able to provide seamless, comprehensive and high quality services to all of our 2,600+ clients. My hat's off to them, and my thanks to all of you for your continuing support.

Norman Johnson
Norman O. Johnson
Executive Director

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